Thursday, 19 June 2014

Thursday already?

Blimey, time flies when you're having fun....................... or gooseberry picking!
What's been happening here since my last proper post?

Tuesday was bread making and gooseberry picking
Wednesday was gardening and gooseberry picking
Thursday was odd jobs and gooseberry picking

Total of 500g punnets of gooseberries sold is now 154.

I said it was a full time job  once I get  started.

There are some other things going on here. We've not had the hot sunny days that some parts of the country have had ( BOO! Although we've not had much rain either.) which has made it easier for getting into the poly tunnels and doing some weeding, de-shooting and tying up tomatoes etc.

Every evening there are 3 poly-tunnels to water. We've tried automatic trickle watering and overhead watering but find that a good old watering can or 4 is the best way to put water exactly where it's needed. The tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and peppers are also being fed with comfrey 'tea'.

Then C wants to get the logs split just in case the borrowed log splitter has to go back at short notice.
Quite a lot of the logs have been laying there for several years so after splitting they've gone straight into the shed. Other logs came from the oak branch that blew down on the road last year. So when they are split they've gone into builders bags to store. Being dependant on wood for heating the whole house and water in the winter means that thinking ahead 2 or 3 years is quite common.

We've moved the oldest batch of chickens from the 'old-loo-block-shed' to the 'sliding-shed'. It's so handy having 4 sheds and 3 groups of chickens as it means they can have a proper clean out and the grass gets a rest.

C has been doing a bit more of the shed. It's looking good. I was up a ladder inside today pushing the bolts through after he ( up on the roof) had drilled holes down and then screwed the nuts on the bolts.
He has found a bit of plywood for my work bench. See those windows? The frames were bought for 99p off ebay - what a bargain.

What we've not been doing is watching football, although I loved going to watch Ipswich Town play back in the 1970s, I'm not ever so keen on sitting through 90 minutes plus the agonizing by the commentators afterwards or pundits or whatever a bunch of retired footballers is called.

But come Monday I will be watching as much TV as I can as it's the start of Wimbledon. I hope C doesn't suddenly decide it's time for haymaking.

Welcome to Sue K and Donna who have clicked the Google button and Wren and Julie on Bloglovin'.

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