Thursday, 5 June 2014

New shed stage 3 and first Gooseberries sold

Welcome to some new followers on Bloglovin. Sue ( another Sue) has a new blog called Cornish Chickpea - love that name! I have added her to my blogroll for reading.
Thank you to blogging friends for comments yesterday.
Sue ( another Sue, at Our new life in the Country) said she was taught to train cucumbers to grow on slanted supports. Our problem is that we've never been taught anything! so we plant them beside canes and then put baler twine between the canes. The cucumbers grow up then along the twine and we twist them gently over and under. Hopefully the cucs hang down  and grow straight.

 Despite it being only early June some of our gooseberries are Huge and the branches are bending down to the ground so I decided to start picking for sale. My fear is they will still  be a bit sharp and put people off from coming back for more. Last year I sold  more than 200 punnets. What we  need is more sunshine to sweeten them up. I put 4 punnets out and they sold straight away. Once I really get picking it's almost a full time job.

C has been working on  the new shed. The frame was brought down from the hay shed on the trailer and my help was called for to assist with the lifting off and holding upright while he clamped, then screwed together.
 He's now started to cover the frame with felt and weatherboard. The right hand side of the shed already has weatherboard on it as it's the 4th side of the toilet block shed that we built last year, we didn't need this side because the loo block has four doors instead.

 I've been meaning to do a update on the two shy cats we adopted from cats Protection in February. Mabel is still around outside, she appears in the evenings and sits up the path waiting for her food to be put in the shed. If she sees anyone watching her, even through a window, she's off like a shot to hide in the wood shed or over the road to our neighbours stable. I'm not sure if there is anything we can do to make her more friendly.
Polly now behaves like a normal cat, that means she brings in small live mice and then promptly loses interest in them when they run off and hide under something. Such fun!

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