Saturday, 28 June 2014

This day last year (and the year before and the year before that!)

If you have a diary or a blog do you ever look back to see what you were doing on the same day last year..............or is it just me?

We were wondering when C had his first stay in hospital last year because of the heart problems so I looked back and there it was ....27th/28th June. He had a BP monitor which went off the scale so after getting some advice, an ambulance took him up for tests. He was back the next day, but little did we know that he would be back in hospital later for a 2 week stay waiting to go off to the heart hospital.

So as I had the old diaries out I thought I would see what happened on the 28th June going back.
( It's one way to fill a blog post on a damp Saturday afternoon!)

Thursday 28th June 2012 . The weather was fine and humid with some showers later. C was gardening here, I picked strawberries and got to the end of the gooseberry picking. I was also watching tennis and doing some cross stitch.

Tuesday 28th June 2011. C ( who was still employed full time) was doing computer work at home. There were thunder storms early. We were starting to clear things out of part of the house ready for our builders to knock through into the new kitchen extension. I went for some advice from physio for my back ( still doing the exercises and they really do work).

Monday 28th June 2010. I picked the first 12lb gooseberries and put out for sale and biked to Leiston for some black DMC cross stitch thread ( I must have run out in the middle of stitching.) C was out at work.

Sunday 28th June 2009. Cloudy and humid. I weeded the patio and C was moving fences to give the goats more grass.

Saturday 28th June 2008. A fine day. After picking gooseberries I watched tennis. C was out most of then day turning hay on the 3 fields and then cutting some wood so it could be moved out of the way.

Thursday 28th June 2007. I did housework after biking to the post office.Picking gooseberries to put out for sale. C was out at work and moving some fences in the evening.

Wednesday June 28th 2006. A lovely sunny day. I cut the grass and picked gooseberries. C picked up chicken feed on his way home from work and the turned some hay. later he went to collect the baler.

Tuesday June 28th 2005. The first lot of board and lodgings money from our  youngest (who had just left school and started work). I made some jars of gooseberry and date chutney and did some weeding. C was out at work doing bridge inspections by boat, so he ate out.

Monday 28th June 2004. I picked gooseberries  for sale and went shopping in Saxmundham. C was out at work.

Saturday 28th June 2003. Shopping. Willow butter 29p so I bought 10 ( 29p!!! for a pack of butter - it's now £1)

And that's as far back as I can go. Before then diaries were just for noting down school events and dentist appointments!

So as you can see, nothing much changes here. This has been interesting for me to do but  probably very boring for you to read, so I'll be back tomorrow with  New Shed news and hopefully car boot sale bargains.



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