Saturday, 14 June 2014

Yesterday was library day + first raspberries

By getting the library books all ready on Thursday night I remembered to bike down to the mobile library on Friday morning, so we didn't have to chase after the van like last month. This was my haul, mostly pre-ordered but a few from the shelves.

A really good collection this month, although I think I nearly always say that.
'Rain Later, Good' is a book full of paintings illustrating all the shipping forecast areas. 'Woodsman' by Ben Law  is the story of how he came to Prickly Wood and built his Grand Design house.  There are a few crime by authors I've read before and one or two books by new-to-me-authors.

 I've started to look through Homegrown Revolution by James Wong and it's solved something I've puzzled over for 50 years! when I was young we had a  home built play shed and a patch of grass at home that we played on ( My Dad was a builder so most of our back garden was a builders yard, workshops and storage etc), and along the side of the grass were some small trees that had lovely coloured leaves and we called them Vinegar trees. I never knew why. Many years later C and I had a similar tree in one of the (many) houses we've lived in and a friend told me it was a Sumac or Sumach. And there it is on page 168  - " In Middle Eastern cooking, sumac is treated rather like lemon juice, vinegar or tamarind to add a bright fresh zing to all sorts of food".

And look what a treat we had today. The first raspberries! Yummy Yum Yum.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday and apologies( again) for not having enough hours in the day for replying individually.  Also welcome to new followers by bloglovin' - Vanessa, Jibbajabber, Shannon and Coleen.


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