Monday, 16 June 2014

Bit chilly here today

The weather here in east Suffolk has turned a bit chilly and grey over the weekend. Not exactly flaming June.

We've had a good weekend, with a trip out to a WI table top on Saturday morning and a quick dash to the car boot sale first thing yesterday then friends visiting for the day.

At the table top sale in Snape village hall I found a small garden sieve " it's very old - vintage actually" the lady said when I asked how much it was , so I thought she was going to say some silly price. Luckily she only wanted £2, so I was able to buy it.

The car boot sale was better for C than for me as he found a pair of new Caterpillar work boots for £8 and picked up a sack barrow for £5, it had one wheel off which took him 5 minutes to repair. We have got a very old sack barrow here already but this one has a wider platform so easier to get things on. We might advertise the old one in the Smallholders Newsletter or keep it just in case.
I came home with a couple of bird nesting boxes for £2 each as C said he couldn't make them for that price and a pack of brand new stack and store boxes  for £3. These are one of the few things that Lakeland sell that are actually worth having, as some of their things are what I class as useless gadgets!

When not preparing food and eating it I've been gooseberry picking.............and more gooseberry picking and then topping and tailing some for the freezer. By the end of the day  today we had sold a grand total of  117 x 500g punnets! and there are still plenty left to pick.

One of the things I made to eat is classed as posh nosh!, we were given some quail eggs so I turned them into mini scotch eggs for tea yesterday, a bit fiddly to do but very tasty.

Today started with a trip to the dentist ( my worst thing). I only go once a year unless I have problems in between and  even that is once too often. She said I may need a filling next time. Oh heck.

While I was killing 5 minutes before heading down there I looked at all the magazines in the Co-op and saw that Kitchen Garden were doing 6 packets of seeds free including some watercress which I wanted to have another go at after someone mentioned it on their blog. I last tried it about 10 years ago and although it was OK the plants soon gave up, but in the meantime I hope progress has been made on seeds for home gardeners and the plants might last longer.
So after not buying any magazines for ages I've had  3 in the last month. Tut Tut.

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