Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Frogs Legs

There are still dozens of tadpoles in our little sink pond and for weeks they didn't seem to be changing but at last I spotted legs.  What a dreadful photo! but you can just see legs, back and front.

Today 1lb of red gooseberries and 2lb of green have been picked, topped and tailed and put in the freezer. There are still several on the bushes but they are all small. We need some more rain like the good downpour we had yesterday afternoon. It went several inches into the soil and filled one of the big 1000 lt tanks on the back of the workshop.
 A good lot of raspberries were picked too and a couple of punnets plus 1 punnet of Tayberries went out on the stall.

Things are still quiet here, so not much to post about , C is doing the shed, there are 5 caravans/motorhomes on the campsite and I'm watching tennis and thinking that I really ought to be cleaning or ironing or something useful!

I thought I would give you an easy puzzle picture.
What will these flowers turn into?

Answer tomorrow.

Then I will leave you with this information.
If ever you get the urge to find out if you can make Paneer cheese from powdered milk. I can tell you it doesn't work!

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