Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pictures of book shelves for new blog readers!

I often mention library books that I'm reading but I ought to read some of the hundreds I have here. Bovey Belle commented on my blog a few days ago and mentioned a book she had just found and was enjoying and I knew I had a copy as yet unread. There it is ....'Island Farm', straight ahead, right hand column, third row down, immediately above Victorian Farm.
Then I had a thought.
As there are lots of new people reading the blog now, I'm re-showing my book shelves.These are pictures first posted last spring.
This is just part of the collection in the alcove bit of the hall under the stairs.
And here is another part along the hall, the 5 shelves on the right are full of canal,train and sports books, that's  Cs collection, which has also expanded since this was taken, so that some random books have been moved from the bottom shelf to give his books more space.

And here is the alcove again but from further out, you can see books have escaped onto the top of the shelves too, and since this picture was taken last year there are even more along the top

And here on this little bit at the end are my Persephone books on the top, poetry,classics, bibles and dictionaries.
There are also cookery books in the kitchen, craft books in the craft room and a few other odds and ends on some shelves by the front door. One day I will count them all.

Have you read Susan Hills book " Howards End is On The Landing"? It's about her year of reading and re-reading books already in her possession.
I think I ought to do that, but then I wouldn't be able to post my Library book picture every month!

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday and welcome to Deborah who is a new follower in the Google Pictures and Layla, Lynda and Stephanie who have clicked the Bloglovin' button.

It's several days since I did a proper daily diary post so I must remedy that when I'm.........
Back tomorrow.


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