Wednesday, 18 June 2014


That's what it says on the new sign  I've just made for the campsite.

Yesterday I had just got started on bread making when I looked up to see a large brown dog bounding into the garden from the campsite. I was a bit concerned as I knew Polly ( our small black cat) had just gone outside and I had no idea what reaction she would have to a dog in the garden.
So I went out and ushered it back onto the campsite expecting to see someone coming from the tent to find out where their dog was.
No sign of anyone.
I called out to say one of their dogs was running around
No reply
I walked right up to the tent and said a bit more loudly
"Did you know one of your dogs is running about the field".
Eventually a sleepy lady emerged  and said " sorry, I was asleep, I thought my husband was looking after the dogs"
No sign of husband or other dog.

I later found out that he had taken their other small dog INTO THE SHOWER WITH HIM! and thought the big dog was safely inside the tent.
Honestly, you couldn't make it up.
Or maybe it's normal to take dogs into the shower on other campsites?

Many Thanks for comments yesterday, I keep forgetting that not everyone shares our sort of Suffolk humour!


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