Monday, 13 January 2014

Well, I don't know what it was, but I'm glad it's gone!

It wasn't flu, had that in 1989, and once you've had proper flu you really know it. It wasn't a cold, haven't had one of those for 3 years. So just a virus, but the nastiest thing I've had for years. Made even worse as it was  the weekend when all the family were here for the after Christmas get together. There they were all having a good natter in the living room and I'm flat out on the sofa in the kitchen, half asleep,feeling sick, alternating between being hot and cold, aching from top to toe and hardly enough strength to even hold a book!

Oh well, it's more or less gone now, just need to get some energy back after not eating anything much or doing anything for 4 days.

So here are "our lot".

Our 3 in the front and their partners behind them. Next time we're all together it will probably be at H and J's wedding ( that's them on the left). They've been together for ages and are both into their 30's so they've decided to arrange the wedding for the end of this year, hopefully, although it seems to me that planning a wedding in 2014 is a darn sight more complicated than it was back in 1979. Luckily H is quite happy and very able to do the organising for herself.
 I haven't worn a dressy dress for about 20 years so I think I shall need some help finding something. And as for a hat.... Ha Ha Ha!( H, Please don't make me wear a hat !)

I managed to stay upright long enough on Saturday for the secret Santa present swap ( a book about being a house maid in the 1930's for me and some liquorice and beer for Him Outside) and then for a photo with the children.

When H was  here yesterday she found out how to use picmonkey to edit out all the rest of the room on the top photo but of course when I tried to edit another photo today, picmonkey wouldn't let me in and just kept telling me the Adobe flash player had crashed and when I tried to reload that, it wouldn't let me do that either. I HATE COMPUTERS. No that's not true, what I hate is not really knowing what I'm doing so that things don't do what I'm expecting them to do. Luckily M was still here and said save the blog, turn it right off and start again. So I did and hey presto! picmonkey did it no problem. I'm  grateful to Sadie( another Suffolk blogger) at Life in the English Rain, for sharing the info about this free photo editing site. Photos will be a lot more interesting from now on.

 So here we are, two "old folk" with our offspring, neither me or Him Outside had bothered to dress up for the photo so I said we'll have to hide these old T shirts!

A HUGE ginormous Thank you to everyone for the get well wishes on Friday. I'm rarely ill and don't usually tell people if I am, but thought I had better explain the absence after being such a regular daily blogger since April.

Back tomorrow, now off to read all the blogs I've missed since Friday .... I may be gone sometime!


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