Thursday, 30 January 2014

Odd jobs and lovely letters

Firstly welcome to Shaz and Vanessa who are new followers in the little pictures and bloglovin people are now up to 93 which I think is more than last time I looked so welcome to you too.

It's been two days of odd jobs for me here on the Simple Suffolk Smallholding. So apart from all the normal egg stuff, housework and food preparation, I got my old sewing machine out to sew up the hem on a bath towel and sort out the bottoms of a pair of Him Outsides overalls that were too long and kept dragging in the mud. Then a few sacks of kindling were chopped. The Craft Creations quarterly magazine arrived so I did a bit of fiddling about to make a card to enter into their competition. I've never won yet but have had cards featured in the Readers Gallery which earns a £10 voucher to use for stuff from their catalogue.

Meanwhile Him Outside  had a HUGE bonfire to burn up a lot of hedge and tree prunings and general rubbish. He has been waiting for the wind to be in the right direction since November. Then this morning he went to Leiston to work for a customer. He came home with a cheque for today's work and a couple of bits of fencing work that he did a while back. The pay slip came for his last lot of council work so we are feeling wealthy today! The cheque will go into his ISA and the Council money will be in the bank for next months direct debits.

Also in the post were 2 letters for me. I love getting letters and I've mentioned before that I belong to a group of ex readers of The Penny Pincher Paper ( A small privately published newsletter that ran for about 5 years in the 90's) where we take in turns to write a letter each month. Well, thanks to this blog we gained a new member and it was her turn for a letter for February. What a treat, thank you A. My other letter was from my Scottish penfriend on her windy Island where the ferry occasionally doesn't arrive due to the weather.

Did anyone watch Midsummer Murders last night? We love it because it's just so outrageously ridiculous and it keeps lots of actors in work! There aren't many things on TV that make me laugh out loud but when the ad for  last nights episode said it involved the death of a man by being gored by a wild boar after being tied to a tree and rubbed with truffle oil, I just had to laugh - loudly! There is a dog on the programme called Sykes and we reckon he is the real star of the show!

Now to cheer us up, here are  a couple of photos of last summer. It WILL be summer at some time this year - hopefully - if only it stops raining long enough.


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