Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A morning out - Not Shopping.

Him Outside was working 15 miles away around Woodbridge today and offered to drop me off for a couple of hours so I could have a look around the charity shops. I think there are 6 plus the Oxfam book shop and I went around the lot and bought................absolutely nothing.
Woodbridge has our nearest WHS so I had a good look at all the magazines, Home Farmer, Country Smallholding and Smallholder plus the craft mags, and I looked at their huge heaps of half price cookery books and I bought ...............absolutely nothing.
Woodbridge also has our nearest Boots so I went to see what they had in their sale and I bought.......absolutely nothing.
And finally there is the nearest M & Co so I had a look at their clothes and bought...... Yes you guessed. Not a thing.

I finished up by going to the library where I found 3 books to borrow - all ones I'd not seen before.
After he picked me up we came home via Wyevale to use our very last Garden Voucher from the ones he was given by  his colleagues when he finished work 2 years ago. We now have all the multi- purpose compost and seed compost we need for the year.  I had a look round at all their sale items but once again nothing appealed except for a half price Spode Cheese platter with 6 butter spreaders decorated with Christmas trees, which I thought might make a good gift until I noticed the full price was £34.99! Even at half price that would be more than I would spend.
We got stuck in Wyevale for about 15 minutes waiting for a huge downpour of rain to clear and then we came home.

So that was my Not Shopping trip over.

Oh what excitement I have!


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