Thursday, 16 January 2014

Searching for spring

The day started cloudy yet again so I went out around the garden to look for something that would show that spring was on the way and I found the first snowdrops under the cherry tree
 A few violets under the Horse Chestnut
 The first Hellebore
Daffodil shoots in the bed where we grow lots to sell.
The only worry is that with it being so mild  we may still be in for some harsh weather in February.

Him Outside was away early to do some more permanent repairs to the fence for one of his customers in Leiston. He did the temporary repair before Christmas but she was getting worried that he would have to stand on all her bulbs in the garden by the fence if he left it any later.

I made some tomato and herb rolls and tried a recipe for chocolate cheesecake. If it turns out OK I want to make it for when our friends come round. A. has to limit the gluten in her diet so I'm always looking for desserts that don't use very much flour. My other job was to prick out the lettuce seedlings, they have got very lanky on the kitchen windowsill with this gloomy weather so I'm not sure how they will survive, but hey ho you have to try. I also filled some more small seed trays and have put them in my little electric propagator to warm up ready for tomato seeds. The peppers sown on the 4th are looking OK. Germination is 80%. A nice surprise was seeing the parsley seed come up. Using an old packet of seed doesn't always work but lots have germinated.

That's it for today.

Back tomorrow - January 17th - a special day in the apple orchard!


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