Sunday, 19 January 2014

Is it me?

I had 5 Live radio on this morning while I was doing a bit of cutting in the craft room and two people were having a heated discussion about the owner of Hull City Football club who wants to change their name to Hull Tigers. Of course the fans don't want to change. The owner says he will leave and take his money with him if the name isn't changed.

Seems to me they could just call themselves Hull City Tigers and everyone would be happy.
 Or is that just too simple?

It was pouring with rain first thing this morning -AGAIN- when I went to let the chickens out.  You haven't experienced mud until you've seen the mess that 60+ chickens make in their chicken run when we haven't been able to move the shed for ages! Luckily the 24 in the small shed are OK for grass and the 50+ in the big unmoveable shed are right up near the pond and under trees so it's drying out better. At least they are all still laying plenty of eggs.
The sun came out after lunch but I fear it's only a short interlude before more rain in the week.

Welcome to some new followers, thank you for clicking that button - Mrs G, Kim, Clara and number 89 on bloglovin. too - Claire.

That's my lot for today, photos of tree felling tomorrow!


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