Monday, 6 January 2014

The danger of oven gloves!

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Over the weekend we heard a cautionary tale about someone locally who ended up in A & E on Christmas day because of something like this.
This is the hanging loop on some oven gloves. The girl, using some oven gloves like this, took a tray full of hot fat from the oven and put it on the top of the gas hob, as she moved her hands away the loop of the gloves caught on the bars of the hob, lifting it up and tipping the fat all over her arm.  OUCH.
My oven gloves in the picture are the heavy duty ones from Lakeland as they seem to be all that I can find sturdy enough to use.They  have a small loop but I can see how a bigger loop could catch on the metal grid that gas hobs have.
We heard that she is OK but was in a lot of pain and the burn will take a while to heal.

Today  feels more like the start of the New Year being a Monday with everything getting back to normal. Everything  except egg sales which still haven't picked up since Christmas. There is a limit to how many extra eggs two people can eat without becoming egg-bound :-)

This morning I was in the kitchen baking bread, a sausage plait for dinner tonight and tomorrow and some carrot cake.Then I had dry washing to be put away and hoovering to do.
Him Outside was helping our farmer friend move  2 very old concrete pig sties from one farm to a huge heap of rubble on another farm, where next week the whole heap will be crushed by a large machine turning it all into bits useful for filling in pot holes etc.

I'm getting on well with the James Oswald book - Natural Causes, that I mentioned yesterday. It's modern police crime set in Edinburgh and the first by this author. It was a choice last night of watching Sherlock or reading, and after watching the New Years Day back-from-the-dead episode and being flummoxed,confused ( we are only simple country folk!) and disappointed  we decided to read. Did we miss much last night? I really enjoyed the first two series. Perhaps I'll catch up with it another day.
Alison B43 commented that she had read and enjoyed the James Oswald books, 2 so far and another one soon, and Susan commented that he has an interesting blog about going from farmer to published author.  I'm not sure where I came across his name, perhaps on the Recommended list on Amazon, but it's always interesting to find out more about an author.

No frugal news today, unless you count stretching half a pound of sausage meat to make 4 dinners and 2 lunches, And that's not really news as it's what I always do! (Apple,onion and stuffing mix is the secret).


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