Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A visit to the physio + other stuff.

I started blogging on Blogspot in April 2013 and soon found lots of blogs that I liked reading so added them to my blogroll over on the right ready to just pop in when they did a new post.
What I've noticed is how many folk suddenly stop blogging either with no notice or just a quick goodbye and another group post very rarely so fall to the bottom of the blogroll.
I expect there are 101 reasons for stopping a blog but being a nosy old women I want to know why?!


 We are SO lucky here as we can refer ourselves  ( or be referred) to a physio and we just have to pop 6 miles down to Aldeburgh Community Hospital  - all for free.
I'm already doing exercises given to me 3 years ago  for lower back tightness. I remember to exercise when my back aches........as you do.
Now I've got some new ones to do to work the muscles in my bum! so that sitting on a hard flat chair doesn't hurt so much. This involves, you'll be enthralled to know, much buttock clenching!


After Aldeburgh I came home via Leiston Co-op, where they had obviously over ordered calabrese and had a huge pile of them reduced to 60p each. I love calabrese but it's one of those veg that we don't have often because if we grow it, it tends to all come at once and then rapidly goes to seed. We try and eat our own stuff before buying but it's good to have a 60p treat. I will use half tonight ( of course I sorted through to find the biggest!) with a tin of value tuna and some pasta in a bake and half tomorrow in a stir fry with carrots, onion, red peppers then served with some chicken wings that have been cooked in a sticky sauce and some noodles.


Him Outside did some work for the County Council today, he has just 4 days left to do and then they are getting in a temporary full time person to catch up on the inspection work. It could be the end of his council work. We're not too worried as I'm sure he'll still find plenty to do.


Bookings for the campsite are now starting to come in by phone.( We open in April) One caller alerted me to the fact that our campsite appears on  a website called Campsite review with conflicting details to the official Camping and Caravanning club website. How annoying that is - who put our details on this other site? There were no actual reviews for our site so it all seems a bit pointless.

As always, thanks for the comments on yesterdays blog, and welcome to new followers now totaling 124 in the pictures and 86 on bloglovin'.

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