Thursday, 23 January 2014

Loving lists!

Yet another mixed day of greyness and heavy rain, with just a glimpse of sunshine now and again.  Him Outside took the van back to Ipswich and I went into Saxmundham for a bit of shopping at Tesco and to pick him up from the noon train. No bargains in Tesco - actually I didn't even look as I didn't want to spend anything more than what was on my list. We have visitors at the weekend and I wanted a punnet of cress for egg sandwiches. Do you know Tesco don't sell cress in January? " we only have it in the summer" she told me! how odd. I have to go to the doctors in Leiston tomorrow and I'm sure Co-op will have some.

A few days ago NYK over at Frugaldom had a blog about lists.

I love lists so thought I would share my lists with you.( whether you want me to or not!!)

The Next Time Shopping List This is where I note down something that we need next time I shop Things are listed under Saxmundham and Leiston ( Tesco or Co-op).

The Next Month Shopping List   This is for the main shop, things we need but not straight away.

The Next Time in Ipswich List This is where I make a note of things that we need from Ipswich, we might only go every second or third month and use the cheap shops to stock up on things that are much more expensive here. Plus things we can't buy locally at all.

The Job List.   It always has Bread and Kindling at the top ( I'm not sure why as I never forget to make bread!) Then when I think of something that needs doing I make a note. This list is longest in the spring and summer. I don't bother to include jobs like egg collecting that are done everyday or normal housework jobs - that would be boring!

The Dinner List Not a menu plan but a rough idea of what we will have over the next week or so.

The Car Boot List I do this each year before the car boot season starts to remind me what I'm looking for.

The Books I've read List  When I started work in a Library aged 16 in 1971, I found several of the staff had little books that they wrote down everything they read. Of course I started one too and all these years later I still have it, an ABC index book that is a bit tatty and held together by sellotape, it's had lots of extra pages stuck in too. It's like a life history in books!

The Books to Look Out for List  I frequently look on Fantastic Fiction to see if any of my favourite Authors have new books coming out. Also on the Amazon recommended list. Book ideas get written down and then ordered from the library.

The Christmas Present and Card List  I started this book way, way back and for each year it has names and gifts on one page and the card list on another.

The Amazon Wish List  This is where I make a note of books I would like to have to keep. Handy for family to look at for Christmas and Birthdays.

There are temporary lists too. Like the Seed List. I write this one each autumn ready to work out what we need to buy for growing for us and to sell.
 And the When we have visitors List  This is where I make a list of what we will have for dinner and tea when friends or family come for the day.

I have been known to write something on a list that I've already done so I can cross it off straight away!

Well, I think that's the end of my list of lists for the time being.

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