Monday, 27 January 2014

Rain again - Oh what a surprise

How long is this weather going on for? We had 6 hours of continuous rain yesterday and yet another 3 hours this morning.

Thank you for all the comments re the missing blog on Saturday. Syrahsuzie said she reads via Feedly and the blog is still readable there. That's even odder ( I'm guessing Feedly is like Bloglovin but I'm not really sure).

Him Outside spent the morning in the workshop making the wooden frame for the 4th side of the new mens toilet shed for the campsite. We also had an email booking for the campsite today - for August - I hope the campsite has dried out well before then.

I just stayed indoors and did the boring ironing and housework, put the remaining lamb from yesterdays roast through the mincer ready for a shepherds pie and read some more of my new library books.

A quiet news day so..................
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