Sunday, 5 January 2014

So what shall I do today?

Let out the chickens from their 3 sheds and check they are all still looking OK.

Hang out the washing - not a lot of dry out but at least they get a bit of fresh air.

Some wiping up and putting away.

A bit of cleaning. Wood fires may be cheap but they do leave a trail of sawdust and bits around them.

A bit of cross stitch. I've started one of two pictures I'm doing which will go into "things", destined to be Christmas presents for 2 people who read this blog.

Enjoy a cup of my favourite coffee and 10 minutes of Sudoku.

 Use some odds and ends to make some of my favourite soup.
 1 onion, 1 carrot, 3 sticks of celery, softened in a little butter and water, a squidge of tomato puree and a couple of tablespoons of flour to thicken and the juice saved from a tin of plum tomatoes. Add some more water, pepper, a teaspoon of sugar, whizz in liquidizer and it tastes very much like a famous tomato soup. If I can make tomato soup without tomatoes, do they?

Sew a button on a shirt. Are there REALLY people out in the big wide world who throw things away when a button falls off, or is that an Urban Myth?

Lunchtime listening to The Unbelievable Truth and The Food Programme on Radio 4.

Some more wiping up and putting away.

Check the chickens are OK for water. Then collect, clean and box up 8 dozen eggs.

Reduce the size and photocopy some lovely pictures cut from last years RHS Diary, so that I can use them on the corner of writing paper for my penfriends.

Get the washing in again and put it to finish drying over the Rayburn

 A cup of peppermint tea and a bit of reading. I'm trying a "new" crime author - James Oswald

A little blog reading. A Look at all the updated entries over in my blogroll.

Add a book to my wish list. Thanks to Kev at An English Homestead, who has given a good review of a new homesteading book from the States.

 And at last a little blogging!

Welcome to 2 new followers on google, Julie and mumasu making 117, and 80 people have clicked the bloglovin' button too. ( I still don't really "get" bloglovin! The person at the top of the 80 list is a lady called Wendy  and I'm wondering if she is the Wendy who once lived in Cotton? If so Hello and I think you know Him Outside and I once worked at Middle School with your Mum. If you are not That Wendy, Ignore all I've just written!!)

Thank you to everyone for reading the blog and I do love getting your comments.

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