Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Chinesey Recipe For Pork Belly Slices

The other day I posted  a blog with a list of meat and fish in the freezer  and was asked what I do with Pork Belly Slices. ( Often found Yellow Stickered in our Co-op or value pack from Sainsburys)

This is my recipe.

For each person - The sauce recipe here is for 2-3 people
1 large, 2 medium or 3 small belly pork slices. (This depends how much meat you like to eat)

Cut each slice into pieces about 2 to 3 inches long
Cook them in a hot oven about 200 C for15 to 20 minutes,turning once. Drain off fat.

Combine together 5 Tablespoons Hoi Sin Sauce.( DON'T USE a cook -in sauce that already has water in it. I use Sharwoods Marinade. You will only need about a third of the bottle but this keeps OK in the fridge once opened.)
2 Tbsp soft brown sugar,
 2 fl oz Soy Sauce,
3 fl oz water,
2tsp Chinese Five Spice Powder,
1tbsp vinegar.

Pour this over the slices and baste well
Cook for another 30 - 40 minutes. Same temp. Baste frequently
Serve with stir fry vegetables and noodles or rice.

Our stir fry is usually just carrot, onion and peppers ( courgettes in season) I don't go and buy a packet of stir fry veg - too expensive.
This is not a particularly frugal meal,  The Hoi sin sauce is over £1 a bottle, but  is a tasty way to use a cheap cut of meat.

Many Thanks  to Gill at Frugal in Derbs, Sadie in Ipswich, Cro in France, Lynda, Bridget in Dorset, Morgan in the Fens, Lavender Sanctuary, Pam in Tydd, Dartford Warbler, The Weaver of Grass and Em on Dartmoor for comments over the last few days and apologies for not replying individually. I've also not got around to leaving many comments on my regular reads lately - where does the time go?

Dartford Warbler is also a new follower in the pictures - welcome to you, I seem to be attracting new followers every day which is lovely.

Today was Him Outside's last day doing the temporary inspections job for the County Council then he can hang up the bright orange overalls for the time being or forever!

 His manager has no idea if they will have enough money after April to employ him again, but
he has plenty to do here and for other people so we are not worried. The money he has earned over the last couple of months has been a lovely unexpected bonus which will cushion us through to campsite opening and the growing season.

I was in the utility room skinning and gutting a couple of pheasants ( as you do when you live in the country and someone brings them round for you!) when I glanced up to see a Kestrel flapping about by a wire netting fence. I thought it had got caught up somehow and was just going out to see if I could help when it flew off carrying a blackbird! All around the garden were a dozen or more small birds hiding in the hedges shouting in alarm. Then the whole garden went quiet and for nearly an hour, there were no birds on the feeders or in the trees.

Apart from preparing pheasants I also rustled up another batch of soup, I'm getting quite addicted to soup making! Today it was made using 2 leeks and the last bag of plum tomatoes from the freezer. Along with a squidge of tomato puree and a spoonful of flour to thicken, a vegetable stock cube and a teaspoon of sugar it made a very delicious soup to last us for a couple of days lunches.

That's it for Tuesday, Back Tomorrow.


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