Saturday, 18 January 2014

Saturday - going out and out again.

Nothing much planned for this morning so we decided to pop to the viewing  at the local Auction house to see what they've got for sale on Monday. It's about 10 miles away and we often think it would be good to go regularly, but of course we rarely get around to it. It's very difficult to look round, all the interesting "odds" are in boxes under the tables but if you bend down to look then no one can get down the narrow passage way between tables. I think  most of the stuff gets sold to folk doing car boot sales.It didn't see anything I wanted or needed.
We picked up a sack of potatoes on the way home as we've almost come to the end our own homegrown ones. 25kg for £6.40 - much cheaper than last year. Then stopped at Tesco for milk so I looked at the price of their value spuds - £1.18 for 2.5kg., almost double the price of buying by the sack.
This afternoon a rare trip out to a Jumble Sale in Aldeburgh. It was packed out, oh for the good old days when there was a jumble sale every Saturday afternoon! I spent the grand total of 50p.
The jug is for my shelves and the little perfume bottle will go to in the carboot box as  I'm sure it's worth more than 25p.

That was our Saturday, apart from Him Outside doing a few odd jobs outside and the regular chicken and egg work.
The bloke who owes us money for hay came round with £125 and a sob story ( he SAID he was going to settle up ......he's been owing us over £350 since September). I hate owing and being owed money.

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