Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Quiet Wednesday

I've just been reading all the new posts on favourite blogs  and Frugal Queen has one about vehicle Breakdown Cover which made me realise that I had forgotten to put this in the budget calculation post (here) . We have RAC basic cover so need to add about £75 a year to the Jeep part of the budget and the form for renewing the tax has arrived and that's gone up £10. Sometimes I think it would be cheaper to live in a town on a bus route and not far from the railway station so that we could do without a car.

Just a quiet sort of day here today.
 Him Outside went to Leiston this morning for lots of errands,including getting some battens for finishing the new stall that we sell from at the gate.
I've been doing a bit of cooking and some more cleaning and actually got outside to cut back some of the perennials in the front garden. There are plenty of weeds that need hoeing out but it's just too wet at the moment.

This afternoon the man who had most of our hay last summer came round to collect some more from our hay shed. He was supposed to be paying for it bit by bit but we've seen no money from him since September. He's now promised to settle up for all he's had on Friday of next week, we know he will pay up eventually - he won't get next years hay if he doesn't and he could lose his free pony grazing at our neighbours!
I've persuaded Him Outside to hang onto 50 bales just in case I can keep goats again. I kept milking goats for 18 years and even though it's 3 years since they went I still miss them. Every now and again I get really "broody" for having  goats back on the smallholding.

Many Thanks for comments yesterday and a special Thank You To Gina at Fan My Flame blog. I entered a Giveaway on her blog and received the lovely notebook this morning. Gina is a Textile Designer See her info here  who specializes in Machine embroidery and from her website I see she runs classes in her area. It must be brilliant to be able to conjure up ideas and designs, my mind doesn't seem to work like that which is why I'm only able to do cross stitch where I have a chart to follow! Our eldest is a Textile Designer too although she works mainly on computer design for the company Phase Eight. No idea where she got her talent from ? Not me or her Dad!


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