Friday, 3 January 2014

January Sale Bargains? Not many in this part of Suffolk.

Apart from Him Outside getting some milk when he was at work last week, we hadn't been shopping since the Monday before Christmas! ( This is why I smile when I see people congratulating themselves on 2 "no shopping" days.) So this morning I went into Saxmundham for January's shopping and a hopeful look around in case I could spot any sale bargains. If there were any they must have long gone although in The Original Factory shop I did find a lampshade to replace one that fell apart when I dusted it a few weeks ago, and I got the next 2 years  Christmas Crackers - 20 for £2.50 they are only smallish ones with stickers instead of the normal plastic tat, but that will do us.

When I read in Johns Going Gently blog about the Superman outfit he was given as a Secret Santa gift, I thought "thank goodness we don't work anywhere where we have to get involved in one of those". Then Our Dear Son decided that as we are having a family get together mid month it would be nice to have an extra late Christmas present each. There is a web site he told us, that organises everything for you, then emails to tell you who you have to buy for. Now mystery  present buying/receiving is not really my thing but  I won't let the cat out of the bag and say who I have to buy for - but they will get something USEFUL. However I will drop a hint via this blog to let whoever is buying mine know that definitely NO smellies  or chocs please but what I did see in town this morning was  a special Tesco issue of a Gardening Magazine that has about £20 of free seeds with it. Now THAT would be useful as would postage stamps! Just a small hint!

Yesterday evening I got around to tackling "The Draw".

Now its  empty again ready for 2014

  This is the bottom drawer of the kitchen dresser where all  receipts, paper work, paid bills etc etc are put. Everything except Campsite stuff and Him Outsides work related bits are shoved in, then sorted out in the first few days of the new year. By doing this we know where everything is. After a year quite a lot can be chucked straight on the fire and anything that needs keeping is put into a box file.

We have had another lot of rain again overnight plus a downpour this morning, and the wind has been whistling around the house again. It seems we get one good day then 3 nasty ones.  I saw the lunchtime news with the floods along the West Coast of England and Wales and thought how devastating it must be to stand powerless when the sea or river surges into your house or business. Once again I'm glad we live on our flat bit of Suffolk Countryside well above the nearest river.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday, the days rush by and I never seem to have time to reply properly. I do read them all and appreciate the input.

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