Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A gloomy start to a dismal day

I nearly needed a torch this morning when I went up the field to let the chickens out at quarter to eight, it was so dark and gloomy and Very Very wet. There's nothing we can do about mud in the chicken runs as it's too wet to slide the big shed on its runners to move them.

The weather didn't improve much later although it did stop raining by mid morning. Him Outside was working for the County Council again and I ( having fully recovered from the lurgy) was doing all the odd housework type jobs that I'd not done for several days. Upstairs hoovering, sorting out the spare room, putting things back in their proper places and cleaning the shower screen and bathroom. By the way if anyone has a glass shower screen and hard water then I can recommend Ecover Limescale Remover. I had tried all my normal cleaning ideas - vinegar, soda crystals or washing up liquid with no success and because we have a septic tank I didn't want to use any of the nasty stuff you can buy. The Ecover works really well and like all their stuff you only need a little so it lasts for ages. ( This is not a Ecover ad but I do like their products). The thing with a septic tank drainage - or as they prefer to call it in house for-sale ads "Private Drainage" is that you know exactly where your waste is going and if something goes wrong it's your fault.

The rain was just about to start again when I went around the field after lunch for the second egg collection. By 3pm I needed the light on to read.

I've worked my way through the fiction books on my library book  haul( pictured here) .
Kate Ellis - The shadow collector ...............Very good read as always
James Oswald - Natural Causes.....................New author for me - really enjoyed it
Pam Rhodes - Fishers of men.....................A light read with a dose of religion
Alys Clare - The Winter King...................Excellent as usual
Angela Thirkell - High Rising................... Written in the 1930's recently republished. Witty
Anne Perry - A Christmas Garland...........One of her quick read Christmas Novellas
Barbara Clevely -Bright Hair about the bone ............Gave up half way through
Barbara Nadal - An act of kindness.......2nd in a new series, very Gruesome, skimmed through it.
Miss Read - Mrs Griffin sends her love.....Although this isn't classified as fiction, some bits are, there
                         are also letters and the story of how she came to write her village school series.

I thought I would enjoy the Island Wife by Judy Fairbairns but it's written in an odd way and I gave up.
I couldn't decide which to read next but picked one that I had for Christmas - Mrs Miles's Diary by Constance Miles. The Wartime Journal of a Housewife on the Home Front. Another excellent book to add to my collection of Wartime Diaries.

Not much to write about today and now it's time to get the chicken wings in sticky chili sauce into the oven.

Back Tomorrow, when I hope the weather is a bit brighter.

PS Thanks to everyone for comments about the reasons that people suddenly stop blogging and welcome to follower 125.


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