Tuesday, 28 January 2014

More seed sowing

A few weeks ago I sowed peppers, tomatoes in the windowsill electric propagator and also parsley. Both the parsley and peppers germinated well but the toms were almost a disaster. No idea why.
So today I pricked out the peppers and the few tomato seedlings and have re-sown some more. It was freezing out in the shed using cold compost. The seedlings are back on the kitchen windowsill with some foil behind them to reflect the light. Perhaps the tomatoes will do better second time around. I also had an extra bread baking session this morning as we ate nearly a whole loaf when our friends were here on Sunday!

Him Outside has been busy all day- between the showers - yes, MORE rain again today. First he moved the small chicken shed. We really need to move the middle sized shed but there is just too much mud to get the tractor close enough without doing even more damage, but he did get it cleaned out by using the ride on mower and the trailer.
He also roughly fitted the four pieces of the framework of the new toilet shed together, only to discover it is 2 inches longer than the concrete base - Whoops! A small bit of alteration needed there!

We've had our first campsite booking for Easter. Thank goodness Easter is late this year, more time for it to dry out. This spurred me on to sort out all of last years campsite accounts ready to fill in my tax form when it arrives at the start of the new Tax Year. With the Personal Tax Allowance now up to over £9000 for 2013-2014, I won't be paying any tax this year. Good!

Thank you to Karen, Bridget, Cro and Lynda for yesterdays comments and commiserations regarding the weather. Also Pam in Norway commented that they have 2 metres of snow and haven't seen the sun for weeks so I guess we are lucky just having a bit of mud to contend with.

Sorry, no interesting photos, no interesting frugal tips, no other news.

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