Friday, 30 September 2016

Active Lives?

What a frustrating time to get a survey thing through the post about how active we are. Had it have come a year or more ago I could have included shifting bales and cutting big areas of grass paths, cleaning campsite loos or walking round the field 3 times a day to see to the chickens. Now it's just 10 minute bike rides or walks to the shop. And as for Colin......his exercise at the moment is walking to the loo!
I really planned more walking once we got in town and started back in March with circular walks around the neighbouring streets early mornings but after a couple of weeks I got fed up passing the same houses and town started feeling claustrophobic. Then once I was driving to hospital everyday it was easier to fit in errands on the way. Oh dear I'm so unfit now.
 It was an Ipsos Mori/Sport England/Arts Council/ Public Health England funded survey and came with 2 codes for 2 people to do the survey on line.  It only took a few minutes but we have been rewarded with a £5 Amazon voucher each ...............When/if it arrives in our inbox. Now what to spend £10 on at Amazon? Silly Question :-)

The huge paper haul has been sorted. Labels on some packs saying £17! There was a lot of duplicate stuff I won't use so  that got  bundled up for the charity shop.  Quite a lot of the paper was scrap-booking pages. I've not done any scrapbooks since about age 13 and collected all the cuttings from the newspaper about Ipswich Town FC for a whole season. Maybe I should find out more about the modern way of scrap book making - I know it's big in the States. There's also some gorgeous patterned card stock which I shall look forward to using.

After the 4 hours in the Maternity wing with our youngest on Wednesday I had  another trip to hospital on Thursday, this time with Colin for what will be regular blood tests and review. The  problem is still the platelet part of the blood which is falling rather than building. He must be careful not to cut himself or blow his nose too hard as this could start a bleed that won't stop. At the moment they are not planning any intervention. There are  several reasons for platelets not improving and they are all quite worrying. I don't know how much more worrying I can manage this year!

Looking forward to Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday, it takes me a week or two to get into it and work out who to enjoy watching and who to cringe at. It's also good to have "Takes  Two" back with Zoe Ball on weekdays, means we don't bother to watch any evening news for the next 3 months.
Last weeks Aldi flowers were Alstromeria. Back to Gladioli this week

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