Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Autumn Ladder

It's too easy not to be bothered to do stuff now that Colin has been in hospital for 5 weeks and we are both feeling a bit fed up. He was very down in the dumps on Monday (and it seems unlikely he will be home this week after all) and I could easily slip down into a black hole and keep him company. All I can do to cheer him up is to keep visiting, texting and phoning. But I need to sort myself out and I nearly didn't bother to refill my shabby-chic ladder after emptying the summer stuff last month. Yesterday I gave myself a kicking and found a mixed tray of 6 different things at Aldi for £3.99.
That looks better than a half empty ladder.

 The jigsaw is coming along slowly.

 I'm beginning to wish I'd begun the one my sister has lent me rather than this with it's annoying sand, cliffs and trees!

I found a use for that basket I bought from the charity shop a few weeks back. Using secateurs I cut out the cross pieces that divided it into 6 and it has become the grandchildren's book basket. It's got the board books, picture books and rhyme books in to start with. Easy to fetch from the bottom of the wardrobe when needed.

Car boot sales have had very slim pickings lately. With children all back at school the Wednesday morning one is limited to regulars with loads of rubbish, I came home with nothing and won't bother again, and all I found at one last Sunday was another Soduko Book, a new leather purse - mine is falling apart inside and this pretty little jug with poinsettia. It will be a Christmas present - IF I can bear to part with it! ( As well as baskets I also have a thing about jugs- oh dear.)

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