Monday, 19 September 2016

The Tidy Craft Shelves

I had to sort out everything on the shelves to make room for another box. It's only when I look at all my crafting things that I realise how many different crafts I've had a go at.

Encaustic Wax Art - love doing it but am hopeless (need a new electric hobby iron before I can do it again)
Cross stitch and long stitch - Been doing this craft for 30 years
Stamp art - I only have a few stamps - I'm not good at this
Heat embossing - goes with the stamp art
Bead stitching -  Threading the needle is too fiddly
Ribbon embroidery - Ditto
3D Decoupage - Enjoy doing this for card making
Papercraft card making - Grown up excuse for playing with scissors and glue :-)
 I tried paper quilling once but that was much too fiddly and I just ended up covered in glue!
I'd like to try scrap-booking some time too but doubt I'll ever get round to learning to crochet and knitting may never get further than dishcloths!

Probably enough choice of crafts to see me through?

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