Monday, 19 September 2016

The Tidy Craft Shelves

I had to sort out everything on the shelves to make room for another box. It's only when I look at all my crafting things that I realise how many different crafts I've had a go at.

Encaustic Wax Art - love doing it but am hopeless (need a new electric hobby iron before I can do it again)
Cross stitch and long stitch - Been doing this craft for 30 years
Stamp art - I only have a few stamps - I'm not good at this
Heat embossing - goes with the stamp art
Bead stitching -  Threading the needle is too fiddly
Ribbon embroidery - Ditto
3D Decoupage - Enjoy doing this for card making
Papercraft card making - Grown up excuse for playing with scissors and glue :-)
 I tried paper quilling once but that was much too fiddly and I just ended up covered in glue!
I'd like to try scrap-booking some time too but doubt I'll ever get round to learning to crochet and knitting may never get further than dishcloths!

Probably enough choice of crafts to see me through?

Back in a jiffy


  1. You sound like me. I've done:
    Willow weaving
    pillow lace
    counted ctoss stitch
    dress making (etc)
    origami and paper sculpture
    card making
    . . . and I'm sure there are others

    I've stuck with knitting, crochet and the various sewing things, the others are occasionals! I love crafting.
    J x

    1. Wow, fantastic list there, I certainly wouldn't have the patience for lace making

  2. You make a lot of hand crafted gifts for Christmas methinks, so all stock absolutely necessary.


    1. I only do cards now and a few little cross stitch items

  3. Someone described me as a crafting tart-I said thank you, as it describes my relationship with all things crafty. Favourites are sewing but not clothes and any kind of papercrafting. Catriona

    1. I've never been much good with material and sewing stuff

  4. You sound like me too. It didn't help when I worked in a craft shop for five years though.
    But I have been knitting, crochet and embroidering since I was a bout five.
    I patchwork, and in process of making my grandchildren a quilt each
    I tried and self taught myself tatting, bobbin lace.
    I earned money cross-stitching for a few years testing patterns
    Could never get into paper-craft but I did do a few sample pieces for the craft shop

    1. Working in a craft shop would be too tempting I think!

    2. I use to liken it to working in a sweet shop or a toy shop but I was in my element!

      Julie xxxxxx

  5. I have a vast collection of paper crafting stuff, not being used at present as I'm too busy crocheting and sewing for new grandson!
    My trouble is that I'm really keen, spend a fortune on a new crafting hobby, go at it like a bull at a gate for a few months, then get bored and take up something different, spend a fortune etc.........
    I love to crochet (self taught, lots of helpful stuff on youtube) but don't really enjoy it in warm weather. During the recent hot spell I woildn't have crocheted for anyone other than little LJ!
    I love dressmaking, but have to put my cutting out/sewing table up in the living room when I start and collapse it and hide it away again when I finish. When DH was away for a few days earlier this year I wiped it down every evening, wound it to it's lowest (sewing) level and used it as a dining table due to the 'proper' dining table being covered in fabric, patterns, etc! I shut the door on the dining room and ignored the mess until about three hours before DH was due home!

    1. I mustn't start any new crafts while we are in this little bungalow!

  6. I have promised myself that I will make 3 Christmas cards a week from now on. I dont have that much stuff to make it with. I have thought about using magazine pictures some how.

    I am interested in the embossing you do...? I have never seen that done

    1. Heat embossing is using a rubber stamp and ink to print picture, which is quickly sprinkled with embossing powder then heated with a mini hair dryer which makes the powder set and sort of raise up so it's embossed.

  7. I was given a die cutting machine - so sold some other craft stuff [Fiskars shape boss kit, and dressmakers dummy which was the wrong size] and used the money to pay for dies. Trying to operate the one in/one out principle with crafts. But I do need to tidy my shelves. Yours look great.

    1. How are you getting on with the die cutting machine? I have thought about getting something to make cutting shapes easier but keep being put off by the cost

  8. My main ones were beading, which I loved, and machine embroidery. My hands are too shaky now to be bothered with needle-threading.

  9. I'm not patient enough for fiddly stuff, however I have just taken on a cross stitch project with very, very small stitches-setting up a magnifying glass to get it done. If it wasn't a special gift I wouldn't be touching it but there we go...

  10. I am so over cardmaking now after nearly ten years working in a papercraft shop plus teaching and demonstrating and designing for a rubber stamp company. Now I love dressmaking, quilting, making clothes for my grandaughters collection of dolls and making Christmas decorations from felt...oh and the odd bit of painting and distressing wooden objects when I find things I the crates I found in Poundland-x-

  11. Your craft list sounds a lot like mine! I've been cross stitching for 20+ years now and have tried about everything else on your list. I can't imagine not being crafty/creative. It's such a rewarding thing.

  12. I think most crafters have more than one hobby, there's so much out there it can even get a bit overwhelming. The cards in your last post are lovely xx

  13. I've lost track of how many crafts I've tried, and the equipment bought to do some of them too, at not inconsiderable expense at times. Sewing, felting, embroidery and cross stitch, stained glass, encaustic, stamping, card making of all sorts, adult colouring, embossing, parchment, knitting, crochet, patchwork, quilting, painting with so many different mediums that warrants a whole new list ~~~
    Jack of All Trades!

  14. My dear mother tried to teach me to knit and failed. She also tried to teach me to cross-stitch a tray cloth. I couldn't see the point of putting crosses in colours on a perfectly good piece of linen, which ended up looking worse than when I started. I am not a crafts' person at all, so admire those who can. Even this one who can't, can't also teach, har, har! (i.e. in the old saying, those who can, do; those who can't, teach.)
    You'd think, with my love of décor, architecture and interiors, I'd be able to do a few craft jobs, wouldn't you? No, I'm totally hopeless!
    Margaret P

  15. You sound a bit like me, I have tried all sorts of crafts in the past but have landed on embellished crazy patchwork and crochet. I love beading but find it difficult to thread the needles, I use my mighty magnifier.