Sunday, 18 September 2016

For Future Birthdays and a small disappointment

The other day when the jigsaw was finished I said the plan was to use the table for card making before starting another puzzle.

Here is work in progress............... I seem to make a lot of mess crafting!

 Almost all my craft stuff is stored in boxes on this set of shelves, quite a difference to Fareacre where I had a whole room for craft and office work.

This is what I made last week.
 Cards for ladies using some of the bits in that bargain haul from last Sunday's boot sale
Using odds and ends from the stash

 and making use of a sheet of card toppers free from Craft Creations many moons ago.
I will really miss getting their magazine 4 times a year. They are stopping it after 20 years because of a fall in subscriptions. At £12 a year it was a bargain, with one of their new products included each time, masses of ideas for card making sent in by readers and 10% off all their card making stuff.

Then I made just a few cards for men

 All my card toppers were in a muddle in a big square storage box.
Could never find a thing among all this lot when they were lumped in one box!
 So on Saturday morning I thought I'd have a sort through to see what was there and decided I really needed a better way to store them.
 When it stopped drizzling I walked round to Aldi to get some fruit to take in for Colin and look what they have in this week for £4.99 (and they've also got cutting mats - might go back for one as it would be handy to have another)

 Now I shall be able to see what I've got and the box they were in will become my 'current projects' box and my  current 'current projects' (!) box will store all my Christmas crafting stuff and that will free up a draw in the chest of drawers in my bedroom! In a bungalow as small as this every inch of space has to be well used.

And the disappointment?
Nothing crucial...........
I thought I was being offered a copy of a book to review from Dean Street Press who are collaborating with Scott at Furrowed Middlebrow Blog. I got so excited at the chance to read Bewildering Cares by Winifred Peck which is being re-printed in October with Scotts special logo and the lovely new jacket picture............but it turned out to be  the offer of an ebook.............and you know what I think about ebooks and "proper" books! Oh well, I shall keep wishing for it on my wish list!

Back very soon


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