Friday, 2 September 2016

What a Disaster Darling

 Strictly Come Dancing fans will recognise the post title, 'tis often said here when things go wrong.

For instance the Marrow curd I made a few weeks back was revolting. It looked good and smelled good but the texture was not nice.

This week I made lemon and lime marmalade using a tin of prepared lemon Mamade and fresh limes following a recipe that had been successful before. BUT even though the limes were cooked and soft when I added them they've turned into hard chewy bits in the end product. These were meant to be hamper presents but I'll have to keep them to eat myself - fishing out the hard bits every time I spread my toast!

And I'll leave you with this thought................

 Why are sun dried tomatoes delicious but sun dried towels hard and scratchy? ( or is it just my towels?)

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