Wednesday, 14 September 2016

One way to spend £1.60 and an unexpected windfall

 Gladioli from Aldi, a beautiful bargain I think. Although with all this hot weather they didn't survive for many days.

A few weeks back I opened a letter redirected here from Fareacre and found the company sending it were looking for my sister as they didn't have a new address for her. Totally puzzled I read through the jargon and didn't really understand what it was except there seemed to be a small amount of money involved so decided it must be something to do with our late Dad. I passed it on to her to sort out and it seems someone had discovered just over £100 owing to us from somewhere connected to our Dad who died 8 years strange. So I am in possession of an unexpected windfall of £50.......... and in case a tax man/woman is reading ..............Yes I will put it on my tax return!

Now what to spend it on?

Just think how many secondhand 1p (+£2.80 postage) books it will buy from Amazon!

 Or I could be sensible.

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