Friday, 9 September 2016

47th out of 47 and 91st out of 91!

Those numbers above are where I am in the reservation lists for the new Alexander McCall Smith in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Series  and " The Essex Serpent" it's by Sarah Perry - this popped up on Amazon "Recommended For You", a  new-to-me author, it sounds good - we shall see. As I'm 91st in the waiting list it's obvious that a lot of other people think it sounds good too. Suffolk Libraries have 43 copies so it shouldn't be too long before I get to read it.

My real reason for browsing on Amazon was to pre-order a new book (Tut!). I'm so excited for Scott at Furrowed Middlebrow Blog as the first books he has collaborated with Dean Street Press to republish are available to pre-order now. I've ordered  A Chelsea Concerto by Frances Faviell. and added "Bewildering Cares" by Winifred Peck, another reprint due out in October, to my wish list.

While I'm looking forward to that arriving here is my latest haul of requested library books .

"The Past Is Myself" is a home front biography but from a English woman who married a German lawyer in 1934 and lived in Germany right through the war.
"Everyone Brave is Forgiven" is a novel and also set during 1939/45. Just coincidence these have turned up at the same time,
The other 3 are all crime, two modern and the bottom one is another of the Jill Paton Walsh books featuring Lord Peter Wimsey the character created in the 1920s by Dorothy Sayers. I've now actually read a Sayers original - "Whose Body?". The very first, written in 1923. That's going to be passed onto a friend.
I've still not finished  "How to be a Tudor" and I'm also reading and enjoying my first ever Barbara Pym - A glass of Blessings"

Loving the Paralympics and Gold medals already even though it's only been on for a day. I shall be watching as much as possible and will also catch " The Last Leg" each evening if I can. I'm quite fond of Josh Widdicombe - in a motherly sort-of way obviously!

Thank you for your prayers and kind wishes. If you've seen Col's Facebook page you'll know he has had another slide down the snake in the snakes and ladder game he's on but is back on a ladder again now.

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