Monday, 5 September 2016

Black and White

Meeting up with cousins on Saturday brought back lots of memories of their visits to our house when we were all much younger. Our Dad was a builder so we had a builders yard for a back garden, heaps of sand, piles of bricks, sheds full of  bits and pieces but if we played there we were always in the way. Luckily our Dad built us a play-shed. It was about 8 feet square with a proper sized door and window, kitted out with a table with cut down legs and some stools and a large dolls cot. The kitchen was a plank of wood balanced across an old wooden clothes horse. We spent hours playing in it, I wonder if my cousins remember. I hoped to find a photo of the shed but only found this one of me and my sister with the corner of our play-shed behind us. Funny that it was never a play-house always a shed.
Matching dresses.......good grief! What was our mum thinking of. It's 1964 and I'm 9 and my sister 5 years old in this photo. I can quite clearly remember wearing these dresses on holiday and a small child shouting "Look Mummy.....Twins!" Oh the embarrassment we suffered in our youth!

Lacking pictures of us and our cousins playing at home, I only have these...... All 4 of us on holiday at Scratby on the Norfolk coast in 1961. I'm back left with my sister in front and our cousins A back right with S in front.
( I'm not even sure if Scratby still exists, it may well have been washed into the sea sometime in the last 55 years................55 Years!, where did they go for goodness sake?)

Here we are again visiting our Dad's and their Mother's Aunts house in Nacton on the outskirts of Ipswich in 1968. (I'm back right aged 13 and wearing my trendy mock suede jacket). Visiting Great Aunts and Uncles was a regular Sunday afternoon thing back then. Always extremely Boring...........put me off visiting for life!

Happy days lived in black and white.

Back in a trice.


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