Sunday, 2 October 2016

October - Season of mists and mellow whats'its............ but not in town

The seasons really do disappear in town. Due to roadworks we came home from hospital last Thursday via a back road that took us out to the edge of Ipswich ( and even further out because there was a diversion and more road works!). It's only when we saw the fields ploughed  and the trees changing colour that we realised it was Autumn already.
So  I made a start clearing the dead stuff from the back garden, we've no colour out there now except for the orange berries on the Pyracantha. I'm cutting down lots of Golden Rod and if we were staying I'd dig it out because it's horrible, in fact the only thing nastier than live Golden rod is dead Golden rod -  all dusty and full of mildew!
 Picked up the newest Aldi leaflet......... full of stuff for Halloween, we haven't lived in town on October the 31st since the American tradition was imported by the shops, will we get trick or treaters in our quiet road? It seems strange now that back in 1975 when I worked on a mobile library van we used to go to a USAF housing complex in a village in West Suffolk and I had to ask the ladies who came to the van why on earth they had pumpkins and witches all over their houses.
So from no All Hallows-eve traditions to shops full of junky rubbish in 40 years. If we do get any ghosts/witches knocking on the door we will be out! Bah Humbug to Halloween!
( Although we did do well selling pumpkins at Fareacre, remember this from 2014)

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