Monday, 10 October 2016

Right, I have the scrapbook, now what?

A few weeks ago I picked up a huge bag of  Craft paper at a car boot sale and among them were lots of 12 x 12 scrapbook papers, a shame to cut them up for card making so I decided that after nearly 50 years I would go back to a hobby that I loved as a child.............cutting out and sticking in.
So all round Ipswich I trailed looking for a 12 x 12 scrapbook .........nothing except a kit with book and a few bits for £14.99...............but only 10 pages in the book, very expensive pages.

So good old eBay to the rescue and spotted Hobbycraft (oh if only we had a Hobbycraft here in Suffolk) had a nice scrapbook  lots of pages for £6.......a much better price.

It's arrived

I think I shall title it " My favourite things"

Shall I start with a Jacob page?

Or shall I start with the cover?

Oh this is exciting. :-)

I'm so easily excited...........

(Apologies for that last post where I accidentally lost about 8 of your comments when I was trying to add a picture of Jacob, got confused and deleted the wrong page. I'm so easily confused............)

Back Soon
PS More excitement ...........Colin is home again, picked him up at 6pm.


  1. So glad Colin is home again. A Hobbycraft store opened at Martlesham by M&S on Saturday! Happy crafting!

    1. I think I should delete this before sue sees it.Colin

    2. Hmmmmm Husband commenting using my name! Hadn't heard a word about Hobbycraft opening. What good news - off there ASAP

  2. Good news about Col. Catriona

  3. Great news about Col.
    I have lots of stuff for doing scrapbooking but I tend to enjoy digital scrapbooking these days.
    I have the Craft Artist programme and hundreds of kits. You can do some wonderful things with it.
    I can still print off the pages and add them into a scrapbook layered onto some suitable coloured card or I can store them on a USB stick in folders-x-

  4. Welcome home to Col! Enjoy the scrapbooking. I got some lovely decoupage sheets for free via Freecycle ages ago. My daughter has used a few for crafting but I must think of some other uses. Very glad I came on to comment, with Pamela's top tip about Hobbycraft coming to Martlesham!

  5. Nice to here Col is back home.
    I am looking for a scrap book or two.
    One I am going to do is homes and interiors to give me some motivation with saving for our next home.

  6. Well done Colin...Scrapbooking...just do what makes YOU happy. x

  7. I made a book for our grandsons first year, and 11 years later I still love it.

  8. So pleased Colin is home. Remember that all the materials for scrapbooking should be acid free and it is best not to use the original photos but print out copies on semi gloss or satin acid free photo card, about 120grm is nice. Sorry I could go on. Lots of tips on the web.

  9. Great news to getting Colin home and beginning scrap booking. Enjoy :)

  10. Thrilled for you that Colin is home again. I love scrapbooking, it does become addictive.

  11. Glad Col is home again!

    I think the hardest part of scrapbooking is knowing where to start! Have you checked out the Craftability Shop in Ipswich? It's in St. Lawrence Street - one of those funky little through streets off Tavern Street. They have a great selection of bits and pieces. One of my favourite places to visit when I'm there.

    Have fun scrapping!

  12. Welcome home Col. Nice looking scrap book.

  13. Looking at gorgeous Jacob's photo yesterday, he will have a whole book to himself I reckon! Not to mention the new baby. I think scrapbooks are a good idea. I remember keeping one of recipes in the 1970s then someone said she had done the same (during the War!!) but never used one of them.

    I have lots of recipes I have copied out by hand and judging by the prices of such books over on Ebay they may be worth something to someone in years to come.

    SO glad to hear that Col is home again (but probably not half as glad as he is to be back).

    I think if we still had a Woolworths, you'd have got a scrap book there. I wonder if it's worth looking in the Pound shops for the next one?

  14. your wish has been granted! Hobbycraft now at Martlesham. Did not know this until earlier in the week, when an Ipswichian commenter told me. Guess where I am off to this weekend?! x

  15. Cutting and sticking kept me occupied for hours, I hope you enjoy your 'new' past time.
    Lisa x