Friday, 7 October 2016

A slow, painful and worrying week

I've been extremely brave and  had a check over at the dentists. I haven't been since we moved here and actually haven't had a check up since May last year. Horrified to find how much the cost has gone up in 18 months and I have to go back to the hygienist and for a filling too. Terrified!

Col had looked at the forecast and said Monday was the only day good enough to get down to the beach hut so after my morning of fear we hopped in the car and picked up fish and chips in Felixstowe town and took them down to the hut to eat. Had to use the wheelchair for Colin. Wind turned East and got very cold as we came home. 

The auction finished of some items of clothes I sold on eBay - including my dress, jacket and hat from last years wedding. Very pleased with the amount we sold for. Easy to take things to the post office and the Hermes courier collection point is just round the corner at the pharmacy.
Something seems to have aggravated my back, which is always dodgy. Not too bad during the day but laying down at night very painful. Tried all sorts of remedies but very little sleep.

Youngest to have C section next Tuesday as Dot-the-bump hasn't turned round.
Back/hips still awful, pains down legs too.
Finished re-reading Barbara Pym  - Excellent Women - which according to my book-of-books-read I've read before but absolutely no recollection of it at all, so it was an enjoyable read.

Col's weekly blood test at the hospital. Oh heck platelets down further, they should be climbing not falling.
So worrying . Still no sleep so read Jill Paton Walsh - The Wyndham Case, have ordered the other 3 in this crime series from the library.
Watching too much TV, as too tired to do anything else.

Very chilly and grey, you know Autumn is here when the cat stays in and sleeps most of the time.
Colin to hospital to have a bag of platelets. Me to a doctor who told me to lose weight, refer myself to physio and double night time pain killers.
A huge book arrived from Persephone Books after I noticed on their forum that they were offering a copy of any of their October re-prints for people to review. I thought I was probably too late but they've sent me a copy of Long Live Great Bardfield ( which I mentioned on my last post). This autobiography of Tirzah Garwood who died in 1951 was first published in 2012 in a limited edition and now Persephone are bringing it to a wider readership.
Product DetailsThe endpapers and bookmark are from a decorative paper design by Tirzah .

 Started reading Trio by Sue Gee, this seems to be a 'dozens of tissues'  tearjerker.

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