Monday, 31 October 2016

Probably The Biggest Charity Booksale in East Anglia

The NSPCC book sale at Holmwood House School near Colchester every October is HUGE
When we used to sell second-hand books at Country Fairs it was one of the places we knew we could go  to pick up plenty of stock without spending too much.
 Now I go just to see whats there and perhaps find a few books.
Here's the queue to get in about 20 minutes before opening time, and it goes round the corner out of sight too.

Image result for holmwood house book sale photo
35,000 books they  say they have for sale!
This picture is from t'internet from last year because I forgot to go up on the stage and take a picture and it's often much more crowded than this picture shows.

And this is the heap of the "few" books I found
When I got home I realised that the Woodsman by Ben Law was just a different looking version to one I read a while back so that will go to the charity shop as will The Behaviour of Moths - which isn't what I thought it was. The Agatha Christie at the top of the pile is a collection of short stories from her early writing that I hadn't come across before.
The most interesting of the lot is the one at the bottom 'Living Back-to-Back' a history of the very cheap housing built to house all the workers for the mills and factories in 19th century cities.

I searched all through the fiction for grey Persephones but not a single one nor any DE Stevenson or Angela Thirkell - sadly.
It was very difficult to limit myself to this lot as it's easy to go crazy and spend a small fortune!

Welcome to more new followers and Thank you for all the comments on the last post. I noticed that no one said if they thought putting knickers on while standing up was a sign of being fit and flexible!! Does that mean you can or you can't??!!

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