Monday, 2 May 2016

Detective work

A lazy Bank Holiday Monday afternoon and Col is catching up on lost sleep while I am perusing latest posts from the blogs I read. Then I come across a comment on a post which includes the writers full name. I recognise the professional writing style of someone who frequently comments - often in length- on lots of blogs - including mine.

A bit of research (good old google) and I discover this lady writes regularly for various periodicals and often reviews books on authors blogs and several of the books she had commented on have now been added to my list of books-to-order-from-the-library.

So it would be good if this lady could start a blog and share her reading matter and information on new books and authors with those of us in Blogland who also love books.

Back Tomorrow with a normal diary post


The blog here has now finished please add my new blog to your list instead                               You will find it here at    ...