Friday, 20 May 2016

( Take Two!) It's only a small garden but......

there's quite a variety of flowers in the borders.

The elderly lady (Mary) who lived here prior to the lady ( Beryl) who's executors sold it to us was a keen gardener - so we've been told by  neighbours on both sides - and she managed to squeeze in a lot of shrubs, plants and bulbs. My big flower book is packed in a box  but so far I've identified
Various Primulas and primroses
Several different Rose bushes

A Laburnham Tree
An Acer
Loads of Borage ( running a bit wild)
Few Iris
Lily of the valley

Garlic chives? but with pink flowers (also spreading everywhere)
Grape Hyacinths (ditto)
Welsh Poppies ( ditto again)
A Elaeagnus of some sort
One of the Viburnum family
A too large Leyllandii
2 Buddlias
Variegated grass
 Geum ( perhaps)

Mysterious purple flowered thing looks like a cornflower but with wrong leaves
A Lily?  There is a weed mini geranium thing close by that ought to come out really and something behind that looks a bit weedy too.

I should know this perennial below but can't think of it

 Lambs ears? No that's not right, this will have small pink flowers but can't remember it's name

Another one I should know, is it a Cornus?

I hope when this flowers I'll know what it is

This shrub below is quite tall and looks like a cross between a honeysuckle and a blueberry( and it's got blackfly )
 A Climbing ?

Another mystery shrub below

Plus some other perennials that I don't recognise yet, although I hope when they flower I'll have a bit more of an idea.

 I pushed the publish button yesterday by mistake when doing this post, didn't realise and found 6 comments already so I've copied them onto the post below


  1. Your garden sounds very colourful.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx
  2. Reminds me of the song English Country Garden
    Julie xxxxxxxx
  3. That's a very impressive list of shrubs, plants and bulbs for a small garden-x-
  4. How nice to find all those lovely flowers and nice to hear that you have neighbours on both sides who are friendly. Expect you'll soon have it sorted and how you like it.

    Your bungalow sounds quite perfect for this stage in your life.

    I often add to Colin to my prayer list. Take care.
  5. That's a lot of plants for a small garden. They'll look gorgeous when they are all in bloom. X
  6. I'm guessing then that there's not much space to squeeze any vegetables in, but I bet it's about to look very colourful :-)

    Thank you to everyone above. There would be space for veg if we replaced the grass in the middle with veg beds but if we move and let the bungalow out then it's best left simple.

    I shall keep weeding and cutting things back so that when the grass is cut it all looks quite tidy

    Back soon


  1. Fifth up from bottom could be a plant that has yellow spikes of flowers - sorry don't know name. Bottom one could be mock orange philadelpus (sp) smells very nice. You certainly do have a lot in the garden.

    1. Fifth one up- Is it golden rod? I have it in my garden and it too can make a bid for garden domination but is easily pulled out.

    2. Not golden rod. This has bigger florets, i.e. the little flowers making up each spike. Warning - it is VERY invasive! At my old house it moved in from next door, squeezing under a sturdy wooden fence, and I soon had a big patch of it. Very cheery looking though!

    3. You're right Mary - I got confused between the golden rod I have in my current garden, and the plant Sue has, which, like yours, arrived in my last garden courtesy of next door!

  2. It's like Christmas...but in Summer! What lovely surprises!!

  3. Your lucky to have an established garden, something you can guide to how you want.

  4. Polish lady next door had some of that cornflower type thing last year. Bees love it.

  5. I think the mysterious purple thing is Centaurea triumfettii.

  6. The one that is not lambs ears is lychnis corianus which was probably on the tip of your tongue.

    1. That's it! I should have remembered the Lychis bit but not the other half. We had lots of these popping up on the smallholding which is how I knew they are going to have pink flowers

  7. climber might be a jasmine.
    If yellow flowers and a cascading fountain shape - then Chinese jasmine.

  8. It's beautiful. A real cup of tea and scone type of set up.

  9. That's alot of plants for your garden. Nice and enjoy! I was out looking at flowers today but didn't buy any. I have so much already that my patio is full of them. I'm planting my 5 tomatoes this weekend, come rain or shine! Have a good weekend!

  10. The bluish purple one is definitely centaura. They spread, so you may find many of them. What a fantastic collection of plants you have acquired. -Jenn

  11. LOVE the pictures! Your garden looks very nice. I think your climbing plant may be wisteria. It might also be honeysuckle. The leaves are a bit to thick for jasmine, but you never know. I guess you'll find out when it blooms!

  12. I think one of your pictures is a fern that we had growing in our garden. It spreads..... Be careful.

    God bless.

  13. What a lovely garden! I am envious! I have so many bare spots in my garden due to our continuing drought.

  14. I do envy you your lily of the valley. I just cannot get that to grow :-(

    1. I've tried it almost everywhere we've lived with no luck so I was very pleased to find it already established here

  15. You have a glorious collection of plants, will you be able to take cuttings ready for the next, and hopefully final, move. I recognise many that are in my garden, I have no idea of names as most were gifts from my neighbours.

  16. How lovely to take over from someone whose joy was gardening.

  17. Your garden is lovely

    The last one I think is mock orange (Philadelphus). We have one and it always come into bloom for our wedding anniversary on Midsummers day

    Marie x

  18. Fifth one up from the bottom is Lysimachia. I have that growing in my garden and I love it-x-

  19. Hi the preferential you say you should know but don't is ....polonium. (not sure of spelling). But common name is Jacobs ladder because of leaf shapes. Regards Pat.

  20. Sorry my tablet has a mind of its own. That should read perennial. Regards Pat

  21. Broadband is still playing up so am trying to put a comment on everyone's blog to tell them I am still here. Names of plants which I used to know now seem to escape me. Those Lily of the Valley look so healthy. We have them in our walled garden but they are obviously in a place they dont like I really must move.them.

  22. It's a lovely garden, so many wonderful things. When I moved here there wasn't a single thing growing in the garden except grass and a hedge. It would have been lovely to have inherited somewhere beautifully green and to spend time discovering what grew there.

  23. I think your mystery plant is lysimachia - it has the most gorgeous yellow star like flowers and is an absolute joy in the garden - it was the deciding factor for me in buying our current house!