Monday, 23 May 2016

(Take Three) It's only a small garden but......

............the list of what we have growing is even longer

Thanks to everyone for comments about all the mystery things in the garden.

 Now I can add Centuarea, Mock Orange and Lychnis to my definite list and a possible Jasmine.
Pat said one was a polemonium, so I looked that up but I don't think the leaves are right for that , they are too grey, although I hope it is.
Also not sure about Lysimanchia that Sheila said for one picture either although again I hope it is - very colourful
My sister looked at the things I said were like garlic chives and said Aliums. My only experience of Aliums is big showy globes but I've searched through google pictures and found they are Allium Roseum or ornamental rosy garlic, so she was right.

And here are more that I've found or forgot to list the other day.

1 small sad Hosta
A rhododendron ( restrained in an old wooden tub - luckily)

A small conifer that isn't a leylandii
Perennial wallflowers - I think
2 very small Hydrangeas
A label for a Penstemon beside something half dead under some borage!
Another Fushcia
A Huge Broom right at the back - mostly dead
A Spirea? possibly, although perhaps too tall.

Have attempted a small video here, no idea if it will work or not.


And I've not even mentioned the shrubs that are out the front of the bungalow!

Many Thanks for comments. More poetry, photos and probably book reviews coming later. We are hoping that Col will finally get in for the 6th chemo session one day this week and I need to sort a dentist for us. Seems we have a choice of 3 withing walking distance - how easy life is in town!

Back Soon


  1. I had a perennial wallflower EA Bowles (purple) for many years - it was a trusty soul, popping up every year and seeding quite freely.

  2. I shouldn't worry about naming them, just enjoy them. They look good, grown up with and into each other.

  3. You got a huge variety of plants in quite a small space. It was obviously a labour of love for someone choosing them all.

    Nice to the see the little film ... it did work :-)

  4. It sounds as though you have inherited lots of great plants! Film works!

  5. How lovely to take on a garden with lovely plants to discover. Thinking of you and Col and wishing you all the best for his next treatment. Will there be radiotherapy after chemo, or don't you know yet?
    Margaret P

    1. Next is Stem cell treatment ( remove stem cells, give him huge dose of chemo, wait for recovery and put stem cells back)involves 4 weeks in hospital in almost isolation

  6. Lovely plants in your garden!
    Hope all goes well for him!

  7. Can't believe how many flowers you have in the garden and how many of the names you know. Fingers crossed for the chemo. How many more does he have to have? xx

  8. An easily-managed garden and not too large an area, but prettily planted up. I am sure you will enjoy it this summer.

    Thinking of Col's last (and nastiest) Hospital treatment but it will be worth it, to sort out the Cancer.

  9. Your little video showed your garden perfectly. So very nice and private.

    God bless.

  10. How fabulous to have such a well stocked garden, you will be able to enjoy it more and more as the seasons change xxx