Sunday, 8 May 2016

In which we enjoy some warmth

What a beautiful Sunday, of course we went to the beach hut, it would have been silly not to.

We solved the walking to the loo problem at the beach hut by borrowing a small wheelchair from Colin's sister, she had it in a shed at her house to use when their Dad visits and she can push him down the lane to visit neighbours, but as she said they could always go by car on the odd occasion  this happens and we won't need to borrow it forever - We hope.
There are a few  steps on the way to and from  the car park to negotiate but he can get out for those and pushing him up the slope is a good work-out for me.

Here is another glimpse of beach hut life to tease you. The hut came complete with the cushions, so I just took  the covers off and brought them home to wash. There is a storage box/seat each side of the hut and these have long foam filled cushions. Unfortunately when the covers of these were washed they shrunk and  I had to cut an inch off the width of the foam to get it back in the covers and even then they are a bit of a tight fit.

Poor Col has to stay covered and in the shade due to the chemo but he prefers the shade anyway, it's me who likes to soak up the sun - suitably covered in a high factor sun cream of course. Luckily the hut also came with wind break, a wooden frame to fit the windbreak into so it can stand on the concrete forecourt and a parasol.

I feel so lucky to have spotted it for sale and it's so good to have the time to use it after all our busy, busy years on the smallholding and campsite.

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