Friday, 27 May 2016

Here is the Good News From a Small Suffolk Bungalow

We are Grandparents! Whoop whoop!
Our eldest had a little boy at 11.30 this morning. Mum, Dad and baby are all well. No name yet. He is a tiny baby 6lb 2 oz and 3 weeks early because they were a bit worried about H's health. Very exciting, hope we get some photos soon. We will get down to Surrey to see them  as soon as Col is well enough.

 Col was called in Monday night to grab a bed ready for the 6th chemo cycle to start on Tuesday morning, but it didn't because his platelet level was too low. The doctor decided that while they were waiting to see if the next blood test was better they would do a bone marrow sample to see how things are progressing. Col asked for gas and air as pain relief because it's a very painful procedure. The results of the bone marrow are good, there is no sign of Lymphoma now. His next blood test was OK and they finally got going with the chemo on Thursday morning. All being well he will be home on Saturday evening. We had a chat with the cancer nurse specialist who has explained the next stages of treatment (stem cell therapy and a different chemo) to consolidate everything that's been done and put the NHL into remission for as long as possible. We knew right from the start that it would be probably be a year until he was well again - and that still seems to be the time scale. The biggest risk with everything isn't the treatment but the chances of serious infection while he has no immune system. So it will be limited visiting for the weeks he has to spend in hospital during the summer.

Our son has been offered a permanent job as a Project Officer with Suffolk Archaeology CIC (once Suffolk County Council Archaeology Dept). He has been working for 8thEast for 2 and a half years but their funding runs out in the Autumn.  8thEast and Suffolk Archaeology have consulted and negotiated and found a way for him to work part time for both so he can see out the Airfields project. Such good news. He has managed to work in his chosen profession since finishing uni in 2004 - something very few archaeology graduates do.

Our youngest had her 20 week scan today and all is well with her bump.

And finally we got a letter from Department Work and Pensions giving him more benefit money per week back dated to April (from £73 to £109 - handy, no idea why).

So good news all round. I am a happy Nanna Sue!

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