Sunday, 15 May 2016

That Liebster Award

I've been trying to avoid it for 3 years! but I've been nominated for the's a bit like a chain letter and I think it was really meant for people to flag up new blogs they have come across and to share with others.  Anyway, Thank you Sheila at Life's Too Short........ !

Here are the questions Sheila asked
1. Your favourite way of eating potatoes?
See Q 10.
2. Favourite craft.....past or present?
Papercrafts for speed  or cross stitch and tapestry for effect
3. Skirt or trousers?
Trousers, leggings and shorts . Def Not skirts
4.Favourite room in your house?
Haven't got one in this small bungalow, I'll get back to you on this when Col's better and we move again ( yes I mean it.......move again!)
5. Carpet or wood/laminate for your floors?
Been there, done that on laminate and have gone back to carpets for the living and bedrooms
6. A book you have read more than once?
The Cottage Garden Diaries by Fiona Houston
 7. Your favourite dinner from school days?
I loved most school dinners ( a very strange child)
8. Long, mid length or short hair?
Very, very short
9. Your favourite ice cream flavour?
Haven't really tried many, may have to try all the ones in the Asda freezer section so I can let you know!
10. Least favourite vegetable?
See Q 1! 

I won't nominate more bloggers as I think it's already done the rounds of the blogs I read. But if anyone wants to answer a new set of questions and keep it going
Here are 10 more for you

1.  How many different homes have you lived in?
2. The first record/CD you can remember buying?
3. A memorable holiday in this country?
4. Favourite job if you could choose?
5. Worst ever road journey?
6. Last meal out? 
7. The station your radio is usually tuned into?
8.The colour most featured in your wardrobe?
9.The oldest thing in your house?
10. Best boot sale/jumble sale/charity shop bargain recently.
I'll leave them with you, just copy the Logo, answer the questions, nominate more bloggers, set some new questions and see what happens.
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  1. Sorry Sue :(
    Loved reading your answers to my questions though-x-

    1. It's OK, really didn't mind your questions, the other day I saw a set of questions that I wouldn't have been able to answer except for saying- Don't know!! to most of them. I think I have actually been nominated a few times in the past but have pretended not to notice!!
      I'm A grumpy old cow sometimes :-)

  2. Good answers, and I love your most read book too :-)

  3. Replies
    1. I suppose chips and roast are OK, but mashed - yuck

  4. Always enjoy reading everyone's answers. Like your loop from Q1 to Q10.

  5. I'm in shock re potatoes! Chips???? Roast potatoes???? Jackets with cheesy beans lol I love these question blogs! It satisfies my nosiness!

    1. The potato thing is because now we can't grow our own all the shop ones taste foul!