Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The May Bank Holiday Weekend in Sentences

Our electric went off  late Saturday night, so much easier to see where it's affecting now we are in town as one glance out of the window told us it was half the road and nice not to have  worry/responsibility of the people on the campsite managing without electric.

It was back on before we were up on Sunday morning but I searched boxes to find the wind-up torch and the wind-up radio - just in case.

Sunday lunchtime on our way to a family meal out we spied a man in a lay-by on the edge of Ipswich playing bagpipes!

Don't bother to go to The Beagle at Sproughton - it was nothing special.

If the menu said
Ricotta, spinach and red pepper tart
with a tomato, olive and herb sauce 
Would you expect a gooey cheesy mess in a deep pastry case covered over with a very thick (as in deep) strong sauce that drowned out any other flavours? No sign of red pepper or spinach.

We didn't get to the beach hut as Col wasn't feeling up to it (and is still coughing like someone who smokes 60 a day!).

We completely forgot to take any photos of our family get together - how dim are we?

Our eldest loved the baby things I had collected for her and the little jumpers my sister had knitted for 'bump'.

Early Monday morning and the milkman who goes down the road at 3.45 had a different noisy milk float -I think it needs fixing - soon please.

How quiet the hospital is on a Bank holiday morning when I went with Col for a blood test (all OK- despite him still feeling pretty grim)
This unusual pale pink double tulip has opened up in the garden.

What is this shrub? it's all round the area, every 3rd garden seems to have one, not something I've grown anywhere we've lived previously.

Monday afternoon and I'm out in the road taking this photo WITHOUT A COAT! and I didn't feel cold.
 Surprising how high we are, the water tower in the centre distance is 2¼ miles away as the crow flies, in between the town goes down to river level and back up again.

Very frustrating to live somewhere and hear the jingling of an ice cream van but have no idea which roads he visits.

Monday night inspiration -  watching the athletes training for the Invictus Games. They start on TV on May 9th.

2 weeks of snooker watching and went to bed before the end..........again.

Back in a jiffy or 2


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