Thursday, 12 May 2016

Chemo cycle round 6..........

.................not quite yet.
Col was due in for the 6th chemo session today but that's been postponed until next week while they do some investigative work to find out why he is still short of breath. So it's another CT scan today instead. He  felt well enough to get out into the garage yesterday  to sort some of his workshop stuff, he's been wanting to get that done for weeks. The garage has a pitched roof and some boards across the beams so he's been able to put a lot of stuff up out of the way. I can now get my bike in and out without tripping over

I picked our first "harvest" this morning ready for our lunch - a colander full of salad leaves, all from 2 small troughs and plenty left too.

 Then I walked down to the charity shop, to take a few more bits in and found a book of Sudoku puzzles for 50p which was a handy find as I've only got 5 left in the book I'm working through. I like giving my brain a work-out over breakfast every morning.

 Not much else has been happening here at the bungalow, which is why I haven't posted for a few days. Lots of reading  and TV watching - loving the Invictus Games.

Welcome to Roses,Lace and Brocante - a new follower, but still numbers are stuck at 353 so 1 in and one out again.

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