Friday, 6 May 2016

A library book picture

Welcome to Monalisa , a new follower but numbers are the same........... One in - one out.

I do miss going to the library van every 4 weeks and coming home with all the books I had ordered and then putting the photo on the blog. To make up for it I'll post a library book photo whenever I have a good heap here.
At the moment, heading back to the library are
- Larkbarrow looked good but the print is too small for me to read comfortably (a privately published book - odd typeface).
Calamity in Kent - another of the British Library Crime Classic reprints, originally from 1950. Good story.
Murder Dancing - I read all the early books in this series but haven't bothered to finish this - they are a bit rubbishy really.
House of Eyes - The 20th in the Wesley Peterson series of crime, linking archaeology and history. Good as always.

and still to be read
Prescription of Death -  a recent book by Jill Paton Walsh but using the characters created in the 1930's by Dorothy L Sayers.
Human Voices by Penelope Fitzgerald - picked this off the library shelves in a quest to read less crime.
The Button Box- Lifting the Lid on Womens Lives - Non Fiction
Princess Elizabeth's spy - second in a series. Read the first a few weeks ago
How To Be Well Read - short precis of 500+ books that "everyone should read". I flicked through.....seems I'm Not well read at all!

Thanks for all the comments on the last couple of posts. The hospital re-examined Col's blood tests on Tuesday and rang to say come and collect a different sort of antibiotic. He had a better nights sleep and felt well enough to go to the beach hut on Wednesday although the 5 minute walk to the loo and back nearly finished him off. The sun was lovely in Felixstowe but wind was still very chilly down on the sea front - blowing along the coast, which is why we were inside. The reason the video clip is so short is because I had completely forgotten which things on the camera to press and had no idea if it was recording or not. When we got home and I found I had 4 short videos interspersed with some still pictures! Then I couldn't remember how to load a video and when I'd sorted that I couldn't watch it because Adobe keeps crashing on this computer - no idea why. I was amazed to find that other people could actually see it. Wish I knew more about technology!

Thought I better trot along to the doctors as the cough I've got wasn't getting any better and I didn't want to end up in hospital on a drip suffering from pneumonia like a couple of years ago. So now we both have antibiotics - drat. This is the second cough/cold I've had since moving here, we are starting to wonder if there is something in the bungalow triggering it although it could just be that Col's reduced immunity makes him catch more bugs which he then passes onto me or it could be that I seem to be spending more time in shops amongst people than I used to!

More sea air needed I reckon

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