Saturday, 7 May 2016

In which I manage to get to a car boot sale..........

......................At last!
It's been a long wait to get to my first boot sale of the year, what with moving and the weather but I was up with the lark to go to the once-a-month-out-of-the-football-season boot sale at Melton near Woodbridge.
It was packed with sellers and buyers, more than I've ever seen there before.

 This was my haul. I've set myself some rules for buying for the future grandchildren -
1. Things must be less than £1 and
2. They must fit on the shelf of the new wardrobe.

My favourite buys? The two Victory wooden jigsaw puzzles -£1 each and 4 Ladybird picture books for 25p each. Can't resist Christmas cards at 50p for the pack. Love the lift out animal puzzle too.

Mighty Movers is a brand new book/pack of 6 pictures of Big machines and some of those picture cubes that make the pictures in the book. The Alison Uttley is really for me (after reading her books of country essays I thought I'd collect a few of the childrens stories) and the wool for my sister to knit more baby cardi's.

I know some of these things will have to stay in the cupboard for a few years but Be Prepared is my motto!

I forgot to include in the picture another book, " From Store to War" by Linda McCullough-Thew. (over £3 on Amazon -but  50p from the boot sale) This is the biography  of a woman who joined the ATS during the war and mentions that it is a sequel to an earlier book  "The Pit Village and the Store" which has now been added to my Amazon wish list.

It was very strange to tour a boot sale and not look at the plants but my enthusiasm for growing our own food seems to have vanished with our move here. I guess after 37 years it was bound to wane, perhaps when Col is better and we can make some veg beds I shall get my growing mojo back.

The other day I forgot to say thank you to VC  for   the encouraging words about her sister and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

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