Monday, 22 December 2014

What have I forgotten?

Considering it's just 3 and a bit days 'til we have 10 visitors for the day I don't seem to have done much today, which makes me wonder if their is something vital I've forgotten to do.

We  needed to shop in both Leiston and Saxmundham before Christmas and originally planned to do both tomorrow. But car parks will be jammed by 9am at both I'm guessing, so I decided to split things. Then C said he wanted to get new wiper blades for the Jeep so it was Saxmundham and Tescos today.
 I had vouchers for £6.50 which helped and covered the cost of extra things we needed to buy as a contribution for Cs sister when we go after Christmas. She emailed everyone last week inviting us all before adding up numbers and finding it came to 18! And they have 16 there on Christmas day too. She must be mad! They have a huge old farmhouse so plenty of room but it will help if we contribute towards the food for the day. I'll also make a trifle and bake a quiche to take.

So my next job was to make some pastry  cases for quiches, while C hoovered up.

I've swapped the frozen stuff we need for Christmas from the outside to the indoor freezer to save a bit of time on Wednesday and that's about the sum total of today's jobs.

I'm now off to check the lists to see what's been forgotten

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