Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A long time waiting for a carving fork!

I've had a kitchen of my own for nearly 40 years but I've never had one of these until today.
Looks like a lethal weapon!
 No idea why, just never thought of buying one at the right moment I guess. It's already been used today for lifting the ham joint that I cooked, out of the water and into the roasting tin. It will make it a lot easier to carve too, and the chicken we have for dinner on Thursday.

All the shopping has been done and we don't need to go anywhere for days. I avoided buying any more of anything fattening, last year we were given 6 boxes of chocolates, so this year I've not bought any which means we probably won't be given any! 
I also didn't buy a bunch of flowers for £12, a luscious chocolate dessert for £15 or any of the dozens of other things that are vastly overpriced just because it's Christmas.

The weather shows no sign of giving us any of the white stuff for Christmas, in fact it was so warm, with a good drying wind that C decided to cut the grass around the front and in the orchard. Grass cutting on December 23rd must be some sort of record or just plain nuts, but it's not stopped growing so really needed doing.

Back tomorrow


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