Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Get out the highlighter pen

The Radio Times is in!
Like so many other people it is the only time we buy a copy, it's a Christmas Must-Have in this house.
The children used to spend hours deciding what they wanted to watch and the whole thing would fall apart before Christmas day arrived.

Thank you to Philip and others for comments about comments! I'm pleased to hear nothing strange is happening . Kev asked what a Vegetable and Nut roast looked like, so if he would like to look HERE. This is the recipe and picture of the very tasty individual roasts I made for our two vegetarian visitors ( and one for me too to make a change ) for Christmas day.

I've now almost finished shopping for presents, just one more voucher to buy. Now I must get out the wrapping paper and sellotape. I don't do posh wrapping, my pressies always look as if they been chucked together!

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