Thursday, 11 December 2014

I was almost tempted

This gorgeous everlasting wreath was in a Thompson & Morgan Seed Company Christmas brochure that arrived through the post last week.
It's 21.99 and I looked at it for ages . If we kept it for 20 years ( Heck, I'd be almost 80!) that would work out at only just over a £1 each Christmas. And if I had sent for it I could have had a pot of 5 indoor hyacinths for half price of £4.99.

I showed C and of course him being the voice of reason ( i.e mean!) said well, get it if you want but will it really last that long and wouldn't you rather have £20 worth of books? I can always rely on him to remind me of my priorities!

So I found the old foam wreath that I had bought from a charity shop last year for 99p( it came already covered with red crepe paper and with a few ribbony bits and bobs), wired on some conifer and holly sprigs and hung it on the front door.

It's OK as long as your don't look too closely.

 Frugal saving of £20

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